Roof Maintenance / Roof Repairs / Eavestrough Cleaning

Proof of Our Roofing Repair Work, With a Guarantee

Like any other valuable asset, it requires regular maintenance to boost efficiency, lifespan, and security. Unfortunately, due it the roof being outdoors, many homeowners completely ignore these requirements. Maintenance falls by the wayside. Aymans Roofing is here to change that. We know how crucial roofing maintenance can be in Ontario, and we’re here to help!It is quite essential to get the residential roof repair fixed in a right way, and our team can get the problem fixed properly and thus prevent the challenges to come back again. For each roof repair,our roofers will take before and after photos of your roof during the roof inspection to show you exactly what we have done to fix the problem.


We provide a 15-year warranty on home roof replacements. We will ensure that the roof is installed correctly such that it looks great and at the same time give your family the protection from wind, snow, rain, cold and heat.

Roof Maintenance Tips

Here are a few roofing maintenance tips:

Twice per year, do a visual inspection of your roof for any debris or noticeable damage.
Check over all insulation.

Clean out the gutters. You may wish to call in a professional to handle gutter cleaning twice per year.

Trim any nearby trees.